Welcome to a curated guide for a life well lived in Downtown New York City

Always a champion of the arts, French fashion brand Louis Vuitton is partnering with legendary, avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama for a limited edition collaboration that expands throughout the brand’s extensive collection, including pieces of both men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, trunks and luggage, and fragrance.

Whether you’re visiting New York for a weekend getaway or have called it home for years, discovering the perfect bar to warm up on a winter day can feel like striking gold.

For a city that never sleeps and always has something happening, one of the most frenetically magical times can unquestionably be New York Fashion Week. Every September and February, the world’s fashion elite descend upon the city to see the latest and greatest sartorial styles that will be filling buyers’ closets.

We live in a world where many of us are overworked, stressed, lacking sleep, and regularly exposed to environmental toxins, meaning we need to prioritize getting our bodies the right vitamins and minerals more than ever. Next Health, one of the leading health optimization centers, the company specializes in offering NAD+ IV and customized IV therapy treatments and will now be providing its services for The Spa.