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An Aperitivo Experience…

An Aperitivo Experience…

Inspired by standing coffee bars in Rome, this space will leave you feeling nostalgic for an Italian summer without the hassle of leaving New York City.   

Bar Pisellino opened in 2019 by Rita Sodi and Jody Williams, the chef couple behind beloved restaurants, Via Carota, I Sodi and Buvette.  Shortly after, the aperitivo bar became one of the most idyllic settings to enjoy an Aperol Spritz or espresso in the heart of the West Village.

Kick off your night with celebrated hand-crafted cocktails by John Mullen.  The Pistachio cocktail is the go-to favorite of the locals.  With hints of pistachio-green-cardamom and gin, this aperitivo experience wouldn’t be complete without ordering homemade cacio e pepe chips and tramezzino, the perfect little Italian sandwiches to snack on before dinner.  If stopping by during the day, delight yourself with an espresso accompanied by bombolini alla crema, Italian doughnuts filled with cream.

Insider’s tip: It’s no surprise that sister restaurant Via Carota has at least a two-hour wait.  Put your name down for dinner and head over across the street to Bar Pisellino and immerse yourself in the complete Italian experience.  

Bar Pisellino is located at 52 Grove Street, New York, New York 10014 (a 15-minute cab ride, or 30-minute scenic walk from Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown)

Photography by: Arnaud Montagard 

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