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Art and fashion collide in Louis Vuitton’s latest partnership

Art and fashion collide in Louis Vuitton’s latest partnership

Always a champion of the arts, French fashion brand Louis Vuitton is partnering with legendary, avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama for a limited edition collaboration that expands throughout the brand’s extensive collection, including pieces of both men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, trunks and luggage, and fragrance.

This isn’t the first time the artist has lent her considerable talents to the fashion house. In 2012, she was gifted one of the brand’s trunks on which she painted one of her most iconic subjects, a series of playful polka dots, which for the artist, represents a look into infinity. Now, eleven years later, Kusama is revisiting the concept by lending her imagination to a full capsule collection for the brand.

Always one to look at themes of eternity and infinity Kusama strived to create a collection that reflects those ideals while being made to function in the everyday. The collaboration will feature two distinct mini drops, the first coming out in January, while a second will release in March. The first collection will feature a series of the artist’s iconic dots in variations of paint, metallic, and infinity iterations, as well as, a series of psychedelic flower patterns. The motif of PAINTED DOTS is where the project has its roots and is a direct translation of Kusama’s hand through a complex serigraphy technique and embossed printing on leather or iconic coated canvas. The METAL DOTS collection is a glint of the infinite inspired by Kusama’s mirrored orbs, this concept is inspired by sixties futurism and can be seen on a series of leather garments, such as a silver biker jacket, a sharp silver leather mini dress, and a space-age gradient on the elegant Capucines bag. In the last of the dots series the painted dot morphs into the artist’s most recognizable motif the INFINITY DOTS. This is a series encompassed by pieces from across all categories and includes both women and men. Finally, the last of Kusama’s prints in the collection is the PSYCHEDELIC FLOWER. On this motif, an exotic flower unfurls across accessories and is ready-to-wear for men and women. This whimsical print appears on men’s leather goods such as the Taurillon monogram bum bag and women’s pieces, such as a short jacquard wrap skirt and top.

To brilliantly present these stunning pieces, Louis Vuitton has opened two pop-up locations in Manhattan including a new location in Meatpacking and a second in Soho. The spaces have been transformed into a canvas for Kusama’s vision and iconic art. For an exclusive shopping experience reach out to the Four Seasons Downtown concierge at (646) 880-1999.

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