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Dine with whimsy at Buvette

Dine with whimsy at Buvette

Much of New York takes inspiration from classic European cafes with a western whimsy, and no Downtown Manhattan cafe blends the cultures more masterfully than Buvette.  The neighborhood spot is a warm and inviting cafe, equally as comfortable for a morning coffee and pastry as it is for an after dinner desertif.

Buvette makes an effort to locally source many of the ingredients, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience New York cuisine with a refreshing and regional flair.  Much like its European counterparts, the New York Buvette location prioritizes the use of fresh ingredients that are integrated to create a menu of classic dishes flavored by the region.  Buvette is an idyllic spot for those looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a light meal and coffee amid the vibrant energy of the city.

Visit Buvette at 42 Grove St

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