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Find yourself in Chinatown’s Hidden Gem at Apotheke

Find yourself in Chinatown’s Hidden Gem at Apotheke

Evening cocktails are in many ways ingrained in New York City culture, and as a result, there is no scarcity of stunning spots for craft beverages.  Apotheke stands out among the masses, with its glamorous interiors, complex and flavorful offerings, and curation of local entertainment that brings the essence and excitement of prohibition to life in a modern age.

This unmarked spot tucked away in the bustle of Chinatown is a hidden gem and cult favorite among locals and for good reason – the innovative menu of unique cocktails that integrate organic produce, herbs and botanicals evokes a fantastical experience for guests, wherein the experience of a visit is as much about the company as it is about the unique beverages and atmosphere.  Beverages are organized on the menu by their intentions – visitors can choose a Pain Killer, Stimulant, Health & Beauty, Aphrodisiac, Euphoric, or Stress Reliever to enjoy as they relax after a long day, or begin a night of incredible entertainment at Apotheke. 

Reserve your table at Apotheke through their website here.

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