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Immerse yourself in modern art at Company Gallery

Immerse yourself in modern art at Company Gallery

Lower Manhattan is perhaps best known for the multitude of art galleries that give the city its iconic character. Visitors and locals alike are sure to discover new worlds and perspectives with each visit to Company Gallery, the contemporary gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As much a result of as it is an addition to the lore of the art culture of Lower Manhattan, Company Gallery exhibitions are playful and thoughtful curations that encourage visitors to visually engage with the space. 

The gallery, which has shown at international fairs including Paris Internationale and Zonamaco (Mexico City), is the ideal space to find a piece for the collector to bring home and inspiration for artists of the present and future. Past exhibitions include works by Barbara Hammer, Tosh Basco, Ryan McNamara, Jeanette Mundt, and many more.

Visit Company Gallery at 356 Broome Street

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