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A wave of wellness comes to the Four Seasons Downtown with newest partner Next Health

A wave of wellness comes to the Four Seasons Downtown with newest partner Next Health

Spa Director of the Four Seasons Downtown, Eric Smith, knows that beauty isn’t just skin deep and that a holistic method to creating a beautiful outside starts on the inside. “I am passionate about building upon our spa’s wellness programming to further enhance our personalized five-star spa experiences for our guests,” he says. It is that drive to constantly innovate that has led to the latest partnerships with Next|Health.

One of the leading health optimization centers, the company specializes in offering NAD+ IV and customized IV therapy treatments and will now be providing its services for The Spa. According to Kevin Peake, Next|Health Co-Founder and President, “An integral part of the Next Health way is making sure you have a relaxable and enjoyable experience.

The reality is we live in a world where many of us are overworked, stressed, lacking sleep, and regularly exposed to environmental toxins, meaning we need to prioritize getting our bodies the right vitamins and minerals more than ever. IV Therapy is a great way to deliver powerful nutrients directly to your bloodstream, so your body can effectively utilize these building blocks to take your health to the next level. Once you choose the IV that’s best for you from our menu of offerings based on whether you want to target immunity, energy, stress relief, brain health, or another wellness goal, a licensed medical professional administers your drip and can answer any questions you have along the way.”

But what makes up these magical concoctions? Dr. Darshan Shah, Next Health Founder, and CEO has the answers. ” As approximately 90% of Americans suffer from some form of a vitamin deficiency, our IVs are formulated to fill in the gaps in your modern diet for enhanced overall health and longevity. All Next Health IVs start with lactated ringers, a hydrating mix of fluids and electrolytes, and our multivitamin (Myer’s Cocktail) base, which includes 8 potent vitamins and minerals (vitamin B12, chromium, B-complex, vitamin C, zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium). We then add even more vitamins and minerals based on each customer’s unique needs as we can tailor the IV formulation to target immunity, athletic recovery, detoxification, energy, brain health, and more.”

So what do these two experts say are their favorite must-try formulations: For Peake “I love the Brain IV because it is formulated with ingredients that heighten focus and concentration, promote memory, and slow the aging process of the brain. It’s a great IV for those looking to stay alert and sharp for work or to keep up with their schedule.” While, Shah prefers “the Longevity IV because it is formulated with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes that reduce inflammation, promotes brain health and mental clarity, improves your body’s stress response, and elevate your overall sense of health. But different IVs are great at different times. For example, the Super Immune IV is a favorite during cold and flu season and any time I am traveling as its ingredients are designed to support a healthy immune response and build a resilient immune system.”

Some key things to expect when trying out the treatment for the first time according to Peake are ” there tends to be very little pre or post-care, especially when it comes to IV Therapy. There are some restrictions on who can receive an IV (such as if you are pregnant or outside the age range of 18-69), but we want it to be as easy as possible to take care of your health. Customers can book an appointment or walk into one of our locations, speak to a medical professional about enjoying a replenishing IV Drip, and then be on their way after their appointment. My tip is to bring a book, laptop, or something that you can use to make the experience even more enjoyable and productive.”

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Interested in trying out your first session? The Spa is open Monday–Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 646 880 1990.

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