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A Fashion Week with street-style videographer Verona Farrell

A Fashion Week with street-style videographer Verona Farrell

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For a city that never sleeps and always has something happening, one of the most frenetically magical times can unquestionably be New York Fashion Week. Every September and February, the world’s fashion elite descend upon the city to see the latest and greatest sartorial styles that will be filling buyers’ closets. So we could think of no better person to share with us an insider perspective on this often exclusive event in all its glory than Swedish street-style videographer and fashion writer Verona Farrell. Not only has she contributed to the likes of Vogue Scandinavia but on her Instagram and Tiktok secondhandhuns Farrell gives an unfiltered peek into the glamourous attendees and what they are wearing. 

Friday, February 10th:

The weather is good so I squeeze in as many shows as I can in the morning, the light perfect for capturing street style. It’s the start of Fashion Week so the guests are giddy and more than happy to walk as many times as it takes to get the perfect shot. I dart from the runways hosted by LapointeA.Potts, and Kent Anothony on the subway, which I somehow manage to negotiate well enough that I don’t miss a show. I grab some lunch at Fiat Café in Little Italy (cheap and cheerful pasta and staff that will remember you on your second visit) and in the evening I head to the NYFW Haus meet Haus party where comedy met fashion in an unexpected but hilarious start to the week. 

Photography by Verona Farrell

Saturday, February 11th:

I start the morning off bright and early with an iced Freddo Cappuccino from Café Lyria (an absolute must-try for creamy coffee lovers) and head to the PH5 show where I rack up plenty of street-style shots. At lunch, I pop into the NYFW women’s networking meet and after meeting hoards of incredible women in the industry, my social battery was on its last legs, so I headed home for some recess. I go from show to show in the evening and because it’s dark I take a break from content and soak up the experience just as a guest, which is always a treat. I go for a late dinner with some Swedish friends at Little Prince in Soho which is cramped – and perfect. In French restaurants, I always go for the steak frites and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. 

Photography by Jake Howell

Sunday, February 12th:

I haul my hungover, tired head to Golden Diner for brunch with a Danish photographer friend who’s also in town for Fashion Week. We catch up on the shows, the difference between Copenhagen and New York style, the conclusion of which I’m not sure we ever quite reached, getting distracted by our delicious pancakes. I decide to take the days off from the shows but am lucky enough to spot a few people in the street going about their daily lives that I approach and ask to photograph. I always try to get in some shots of the non-fashion week crowd, having learned that it’s more engaging to show the more attainable outfits as well as those that push boundaries. 

Photography by Verona Farrell

In the afternoon, I check into the Four Seasons Downtown it immediately feels like coming home. Despite wanting to soak in the lounge, I can’t resist the urge to be horizontal so I run up to my room for a power nap so great that I ask the hotel manager where they source their linens. That evening, my new Four Seasons inspired self-care day continues and I check myself in for a massage at The Spa, surprised that I can feel so serene in a city so wonderfully hectic. 

Monday, February 13th:

On Monday morning, my jetlag has fully subsided, after a hearty night’s sleep in the Four Seasons uber fluffy bed big enough to fit four of me. At lunch, I take a trip to Jack’s Wife Freda for poached eggs and get in some editing and posting. The comfort gets the best of me and I realize I’m running late for the Aknvas show so I hop in the hotel car and get there just in the nick of time. 

Photography by Jake Howell

The sky becomes grey and I take it as a sign from the universe to wrap up my work for the week and take the subway over to Brooklyn to hit up my favorite vintage store, Stella Dallas. Unfortunately for my wardrobe but fortunately for my bank account, I end up just window shopping and then head back into Manhattan for dinner at Balthazar with some girlfriends based in the city and then after drop by Bar Belly for some unbeatable cocktails to finish off a very successful New York Fashion Week. 

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