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Downtown Icons: Jeffrey Deitch

Downtown Icons: Jeffrey Deitch

Jeffrey Deitch has been involved with modern and contemporary art for more than 40 years as an artist, writer, curator, dealer and advisor. Four Seasons asks him his thoughts on NYC art history. 

Jeffery Dietch

How has the culture of New York affected your work as an artist? 

New York continues to be the most exciting city for cultural innovation. More significant artists work in New York than in any other city. The New York art audience is the most sophisticated and the most engaged audience in the world. 

The New York art audience appreciates and supports new artistic initiatives and supports galleries like mine. The city gives me continuous artistic stimulation.

Who are some of your favourite New York-based curators, and where can visitors see their work? 

I am an enthusiastic admirer of Massimiliano Gioni, the Artistic Director of the New Museum and their important programming. I also enthusiastically follow Cecilia Alemani’s bold artistic programming for the High Line. White Columns, directed by Matthew Higgs.

Why did you choose to open a gallery in SoHo?  

I came to SoHo in 1974 and worked as an assistant at a gallery in the 420 West Broadway building, which was the centre of the international art world at the time. I appreciate the beauty of the historic cast iron district and SoHo’s history as the centre of vanguard art.

What are some must-visit spots near your SoHo Gallery? 

I recommend visiting the New York Earth Room and The Broken Kilometer, great art installations by Walter de Maria and maintained by the Dia Art Foundation. The Judd Foundation is another landmark in the history of SoHo as a centre of artistic innovation.

Find information on Jeffrey Deitch’s current New York exhibitions here.

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