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Skate Life – Counterculture New York

Skate Life – Counterculture New York

Skate culture of Downtown New York has evolved immensely over the past half-century — from a counterculture movement associated with rebellion to a widely appreciated community whose fashions have infiltrated couture — many of skateboarding’s biggest names have planted roots in New York. Cult favourite Supreme was launched in Downtown New York in 1994, and while the original location has shuttered, fans of the brand can visit the current Nolita shop location. Other spots skate enthusiasts can immerse themselves in authentic skate culture include Labor Skateboard Shop on the Lower East Side — just blocks away from skate culture’s cherished Tompkins Square Park and Uncle Funky’s Skate Shop in the West Village.

Visit Uncle Funky’s Skate Shop at 128 Charles St # Store, New York, NY 10014

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