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Work out like a celebrity at Tracy Anderson Method

Work out like a celebrity at Tracy Anderson Method

The Tracy Anderson Method is a household fitness name, and for a reason – Anderson has shaped iconic bodies of envy including Alessandra Ambrosio, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Lopez and many  more.  While her lessons are available to the public online, Tribeca is home to one of the few exclusive studios where wellness enthusiasts can experience the program in its purest form.

Members of the Tribeca studio are invited to a 3-level studio that offers a full roster of courses for clients at all levels, access to a prescription team that has studied under Anderson for upwards of a decade, custom programming, and the opportunity to train privately with a qualified instructor.  This studio, kept at the optimal temperature for physical progress, is the epitome of luxury fitness – the perfect spot to both begin a journey or fine-tune a physique to perfection with unparalleled instruction.

Apply for membership and visit the studio here.

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