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In Celebration Of AAPI Month, The Edit Collaborates With An Exclusive New Selection Of Brands 

In Celebration Of AAPI Month, The Edit Collaborates With An Exclusive New Selection Of Brands 

For May, The Edit is gathering a new curation of labels in its latest installation on the 3rd floor Spa at Four Seasons Downtown New York. Joining handbag brand Emm Kuo NY – who first appeared in the last activation of women-founded brands – will be five new highly coveted brands spanning categories such as fashion, fragrance, and home. 

Considered Objects

One look at the ready-to-wear label Considered Objects is a visual narrative of heritage meets modernity. The brainchild of creator and founder Sara Sakanaka every piece is painstakingly hand-crafted by the designer and created using vintage and antique kimonos sourced on her many trips to Japan. Loving constructed in her studio in Brooklyn, Sakanaka crafts stunning pieces ranging from sleek tailored blazers and classic collard button-down shirts to delicate floral fabric brooches. Each item is one-of-a-kind, personalized, and has its own identity with “hidden” details for the wearer to enjoy. Her goal with each creation is to keep the details, seams, and “soul” of the original garment intact. To do this, she devotes countless hours and skilled hand labor to each phase of the process, deftly merging these reconstructed fabric panels with her own uniquely re-engineered textiles. 


Fragrance brand Elorea – a portmanteau of “Elements” and “Korea” – was created around the idea of Hyang Soo, when translated from Korean means both the word for perfume and the nostalgic longing for home. It is these feelings for Korea that led co-founders Wonny Lee and Su min Park to create the brand in 2022. Using ingredients sourced from Korea each scent is specially crafted in small batches. Coming in a range of perfumes, candles, and hand cream, the brand has two main scent journeys to discover: its newest collection “The Forgotten Words”, and its original collection titled “The Elements”. “The Forgotten Words” is a collection of four scents created around archaic Korean words. Inflorescence (Song.ari), meaning “an array of flowers or fruit on a single stem” when translated to English, is a delicate floral, fruity scent with hints of white amber and musk. Gentle Shower (Jambi), is the word for a short rain that allows farmers to rest and has herbaceous notes of perilla leaf, ginger, and vetiver. Hazy Blue (Enae), meaning “the bluish distance of the horizon at sunset”, is a smooth aromatic fragrance with crisp elements of bergamot, cool ozone, and sandalwood. Finally, Be By My Side (Hunoni), which means to miss someone dearly, is a warm, rich scent with notes of ginseng, rose, vanilla, and musk. Elorea’s inaugural collection, “The Elements” was inspired by each trigram on the South Korean national flag, which collectively represents the four elements of the world heaven, earth, water, and fire.

Samantha Le

Ceramist and artist Samantha Le has a storied history in New York’s creative industry. First working as a graphic designer and art director for fine jewelry brands such as Jonh Hardy. Seeing a hole in the skincare market, she took her skills for telling a visual story and created her first brand, Mosso Skincare. Due to the constraints of the pandemic, Le decided to take a slower pace to life and closed Mosso to pursue her love of sculpture and design. Her ceramic vessels represent her personal journey as well as the overarching concept of time and the impermeability of life. Showcasing that as we move through the world, we grow and “patina”. Each piece embodies a sequence of moments frozen in space to reveal the inner landscape of the self. 


Entrepreneur and tech executive Coral Chung decided to launch the handbag and accessories brand Senreve after being inspired by other successful women in her life that influenced her by “doing it all”. Hoping to create a luxurious line that could also work in the many ways that women on the go need to use their handbags, the iconic Maestra Bag was born. The first-of-its-kind handbag-to-backpack style that fits within the luxury market quickly made the brand a favorite among celebrities and sartorially savvy consumers. The brand name – “Senreve” – is a portmanteau from the French words for “sense” and “dream” and is built upon the coexistence of dichotomies: everyday and fantasy, tradition and innovation, design and versatility. 

Ranjana Khan 

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Ranjana Khan started her career in fashion as an international model. Immersed in a culture that embraces vibrant colors and unique textures, Khan drew inspiration from the detailed hand embroidery of artisans whose skills have been passed down and perfected generationally over centuries. In the 1990’s she started collaborating with European designers by creating embroidery concepts for Lanvin, Jil Sander, Gaultier Couture, and Armani Prive, among others. After 30 years in the business, she launched her jewelry brand in 2008. Khan’s jewelry uses materials such as sea shells, beetle wings, and feathers to craft wildly unique statement earrings worn by the likes of Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and Cardi B. As the world changed in 2020, Ranjana Khan began her newest venture- home furnishing. Utilizing centuries-old embroidery techniques, she has worked with world-renowned home decorators translating their visions into the homes of clients from all around the world.

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