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Meet Celebrity Facialist Gavin McLeod-Valentine

Meet Celebrity Facialist Gavin McLeod-Valentine

Los Angeles-based facialist Gavin McLeod-Valentine knows a lot about skin. With a whole host of celebrity clientele including such star power as Sharon Stone, Olivia Coleman, and Laura Dern his glowing complexions can be seen across countless red carpets around the globe. Now, this skin guru has partnered with ultra-luxurious beauty powerhouse, Augustinus Bader, as the brand’s spokesperson and spa-clinic specialist. We exclusively, at Four Seasons Downtown, were able to chat with McLeod-Valentine and get his thoughts on everything from proactive aging to the perfect travel routine and what treatments you should get when booking your next appointment at the spa. 

Can you share some of your favorite Augustinus Bader products? 

When putting together a regimen for myself or my clients I always want to make sure that I am hitting the three pillars of proactive aging; hydration, line and wrinkle refinement, and pigmentation resolution.  

For this reason, my go-to products are: 

  1. The Cream Cleansing Gel  
  2. The Essence, which combines AHA’s, BHA’s, and PHA’s to slough off dead skin cells and lift away skin markings  
  3. The Serum, surges deep moisture to the skin and also targets surface pigmentation  
  4. The Rich Cream to condition, smooth, hydrate, and lock in deep moisture.  

What are your best tips for skin care while traveling?  

Travel doesn’t mean you should forego your regimen. Consistency is key for maximum results and improved refinement. Depending on the climate you are traveling to, pack two effective cleansers. The first cleanse is to remove makeup, SPF, and impurities on the skin, and the second is to deeply cleanse the pores. This ensures the full efficacy of your skincare products but also defends against any unwelcome holiday breakouts. Pack a great moisturizer that can double as your day and night cream.  

What treatment is your favorite at the Four Seasons Spa?  

My favorite treatment is The Method Augustinus Bader, the first professional treatment from the brand. Systematically layering the complete AB skincare collection and enhanced by hands-on facial massage this is the perfect facial treatment when one wants to look and feel their ultimate best.  

What are some of the most common mistakes you see that people make in their daily skin routines?  

The biggest mistakes are not being consistent and/or over-sensitizing the skin with too many actives. If you are using skincare high in vitamin A or C, be sure not to double up products as this will cause a reaction, redness, and sensitivity. Stay consistent, you might have the best day or worst day / both days you’re going to do your skincare regime! And finally, WASH YOUR FACE! The world is grubby out there. Be sure to double cleanse every night. 

Are there any new exciting Augustinus Bader launches we can look forward to?  

We recently launched The Light Cream, a mattifying lightweight moisturizer targeted at clients with excess oil or those who live in a humid environment. It’s also an excellent post-shave and a great cream for men who are ready to get serious about their skin. For new innovations, stay tuned!  

For your next Spa Appointment or to purchase Augustinus Bader products please contact The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown +1 (646) 880-1999

Portrait photography by Arnaud Montagard

Product photography courtesy of Augustinus Bader 

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